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September 22nd  It has been waaaay too long since I've held a Members Only contest! So today I announced my new contest, strictly for my website Members only. I'll choose 3 lucky winners in just a few weeks, and each of those winners will win my fabulous prize; a 15 minute private, just-for-you, personal custom video, shot by me (I can include Shaggy too, if they want that) and filmed just for them. In addition, I will add 30 free days to their site membership. It's so easy to win, my Members just gotta email me with their username and they are in to win! I filmed a custom video a couple days ago, and the "amateur director" who requested the video (a DP scene using a huge dildo in my pussy and some beads up my ass) absolutely loved it. It was really fun to shoot it for him too! :-) Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a larger version of the screen captured image from my Anal Beads/DP custom video filmed just days ago. This latest contest ends at midnight on October 10th, so there has never been a better time to JOIN ME IN MY MEMBERS AREA!

September 19th  With the invention of the cell phone camera came the invention of the Selfie... And like most girls, I can't resist shooting them. I take a lot of 'em; sometimes to commemorate a fun evening out with my friends, sometimes so I have proof of something scandalous that happened during a late, drunken night. And sometimes, I just shoot pics of myself at home. Being silly, making stupid faces, playing with my cat... getting naked and dirty. ;-) Anyway, it's about time I purge my phone of the many, many selfie pics I have stored there. Today I posted the first of what will be several galleries of Mel Selfies. Each update I promise will contain some of myself and my friends having a good time, AND each will contain several nude n' naughty pics too. Today's gallery has about 70 pics included in it, and they are all posted now in my Members Area. Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free pic of one of my nude's from today's update.



New Video!  For some horrible reason I just can't seem to kick my health issues. Honestly, I've been in a bit of a depression lately... It's hard to feel sexy and desirable when you're experiencing so much pain. I am optimistic, though, I think perhaps we have a plan to help my health issues recover once and for all! (Well, at least for a few years again.) You can read about that stuff by clicking the 'My Health' link above, but this update is all about sexy stuff! You know, the kind of stuff you like! ;-) In fact, I just posted a brand new 19 minute long super sexy blowjob video for you to enjoy in my Members Area. It's never been seen before, I can promise you that... Here at is the only place you'll get to watch Drunk n' Horny, starring a very drunk Shaggy and a very horny Melissa. :-) You know it's new because you can just make out my pesky pacemaker scar on my left shoulder. The thumbnail pic to the right is a screen capture from this latest video... Enjoy! :-) You can watch the entire almost-20 minutes sexy of sexy bj action in my Members Area, if you are so inclined. (And be sure to check out my current health stuff too, if you're interested in that. Thanks for being a friend and a fan, you rock!)

New Video!  It's been awhile, but I'm BACK! I've had a few health issues lately while getting things sorted out from my surgery a few months ago, but I'm okay. And I'm back to updating! :-) Today I posted a new, never-before-seen video of me getting fucked. It's damn hot, if I do say so myself. ;-) I really think you'll enjoy this scene, it was so much fun to shoot and I think it delivers lots of the sexy action you wanna see! Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a video of me getting fucked hard!

New Video!  This update is a little different than most, it's not really all that naughty. It's a behind-the-scenes video! :-) I had a few Members request something like this, and I was able to deliver... Kinda. Honestly, once we started shooting the dirty stuff, I forgot about shooting any behind-the-scenes stuff. lol It's mostly me before shooting anything; discussing what I hope to shoot, me getting prepped for the shoot, me discussing positioning and stuff like that. And it's a little of me after I'm done shooting everything, talking about how I think it went. It's about 9 minutes long and I am naked in parts, but it's more funny and informative than it is sexual or super hot. I'll do this again soon, hopefully remembering to film this kind of stuff even when I'm horny and in the middle of other things too. ;-) Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a video of me in the shower, getting sexy for you!

New Video!  Today I posted a brand new blowjob scene! :-) (In full HD, of course.) I take pride in my cock sucking abilities. I'm sure there are ladies out there that have more natural talent than I do, but I think I make up for it. I'm enthusiastic, I get super turned on when I have a dick in my mouth and I love a challenge! Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a video of me sucking Shaggy's cock nice n' deep.

Contest Winners Announced!  Today I announced my latest Members Only contest winners! I'm late announcing them, because of that health drama late last month, so I chose 5 winners instead of the 3 I had originally planned to. :-) Each of my lucky winners won an awesome and sexy prize package; including a custom, personal, just-for-them 10 minute solo video, a pair of the panties (or socks, if they like that better) I wear in their private video and a 90 day extension to their exisiting membership. If you're a site Member, visit my Members Contests section inside to see if you won my naughty prize!


I'll be announcing a new contest very soon and only my Members can win... now is a great time to Join Me! <3

New Bonus Gallery Pics!  This was something I tried out while chillin' in a bubblebath with my ChromeBook. I saw a setting where I could set up the cam to auto-shoot photos every couple seconds over about a minute or so. I thought it would be fun to shoot something for my Members, so I gave it a try. Honestly, I'm not that happy with the results (poor quality, slightly blurry) but I cleaned 'em up the best I could and posted them as a Members Bonus. :-) I posted 1 new bathtime bonus gallery!

New Video!  And here's Part 2 of my latest veggies shoot. I kinda chat a lot through this video, it's more like a 'show off and talk about how it feels' kind of video. It was fun, and it felt good and I think it's pretty sexy. It had been so long since I'd done any shoots with veggies/fruits, so I totally just had to do it. I'll make sure to do it again before too long. ;-) Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a video of me fucking my pussy n' ass with cold, cock-shaped veggies.

New Video!  Today I'm back home from the hospital and recovered enough to post some new material for my Members. I had intended to post this video as two different updates but I'm gonna post both parts today, to help make up for lost time. :-) It's been awhile since I've done a good ol' veggies shoot, and I definitely haven't done one in HD... So it was definitely time. Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a video of me playing with all the phallic veggies in my 'fridge!

New Info!  Ugh! It happened, AGAIN! Just when things get going good, my health took a turn toward the horrible... But I'm back home now so it's time to get back to posting stuff for y'all! :-) Click Here to read about my latest adventures in health crises. It was awful, scary and painful... But I'm gonna be totally fine.

New Pics!  Today I posted Part Two of all my recent cell phone cam pics. Some of them are better than others; like if they were shot with my phone or a friend's phone. You probably have a cell phone, you know how it is. :-) Anyway, this is more of me just living life! Out and about with friends, hanging out at home with my cat, at my friend's party, silly stuff I shot of myself while bored. Some of the pics I've included a small description of what's going on, since my Members emailed me regarding the scenario surrounding some of the pics I posted in Part One. lol There aren't really any super naughty pics included in this update, mostly they're just fun and silly and me being myself. Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a selfie cell cam shot I shot while chillin' in the back yard at my best friends house.

New Members Only Contest!  This evening I realized that it has been quite a while, several years, since I held any Members Only contests! Those sure were a lot of fun, and it got me thinking... I gotta do one ASAP. So I talked it over with my partner in naughtiness, Shaggy, and we were able to put together a plan for an awesome new contest with several fabulous prizes. :-)


My current contest will run for two weeks so if you wanna enter for a chance to win, you gotta submit your entry by March 6th. Then, on March 7th, I'll have an impartial, non-porn friend randomly choose three winners at random. Each of my badass winners will win a super-sexy prize package; including a 10 minute solo-style custom video (just for you... you chose my clothes, my "toys", my attitude, everything!), the worn panties (or socks, if you like that better) I wear in your personal video, and I'll add 90 free days to your membership. Now that's a list of prizes worth winning! ;-)


It's very simple to enter and win; just send me an email with your account username and you are entered! There's only one catch... This contest is for my Members only. So maybe you should join me in my Members Area now? And all those wonderful prizes could be yours! <3

New Pics!  It has been a LONG time since I've posted my cell phone photos for y'all. When I first started posting cell cam pics, they all really sucked. But now everyone has decent cameras right on their phones! Like most people, I shoot pics of lots of things. (Okay, I shoot pics of like everything. lol) It's time to share with you wonderful people some of the stuff I shoot. Most of 'em are selfies of me acting silly, in every day situations. Some were shot by friends while out having fun, and some of them are a bit sad because I was sick. Some are naughty. But this is my life, right? And I've chosen to share it with you; the good, the bad, the sexy and the ugly. I had so many I've decided to post them all in two part, this is just Part One. Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a fun pic of me acting like a fool in my car! ;-)

New Blooper Pics!  I have a lot of fun shooting this kind of stuff for y'all, and I thought today might be a good day to finish posting the rest of my Supergirl series. Today's update isn't very large or even all that sexy; it's more funny than anything else. You could call it my Supergirl Blooper Reel. :-) Going through the video I was surprised there weren't more "fuck up" or "lame" moments, but I managed to find a few hilarious moments captured while shooting my Supergirl stuff. Sex is fun, porn is fun and laughing is fun... I hope you feel the same. ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a silly pic of a Supergirl fail!

New Video!  Today I posted Part Two of my Supergirl video, also posted in 1080HD. Part One saw our superhero having fun with herself... But then something horrible happened and she was captured! I can only guess kryptonite is involved somehow. ;-) Although that creeper locked up Supergirl, I get the feeling she's gonna like what happens next, and you will too!  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a naughty video of Supergirl getting fucked!

New Video!  Finally... I've just posted Part One of my Supergirl Halloween 2013 movie! :-) This is the first movie I've posted in my Members Area in full 1080HD, and I think y'all are really gonna like it. I separated the scene into two parts; tonight I posted the first 15 minutes. Enjoy!  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a little video (from my Supergirl scene) of me fucking myself good!

New Pics!  I've been working on editing an awesome new video for y'all... I shot it for Halloween last year. And I gotta say, it's probably one of my favorite scenes EVER! I was so excited to share it with you I couldn't wait any longer; I'm still putting the finishing touches on the HD movie but I grabbed a bunch of still-photo screen captures to share now. I'm really proud of these, Guys and Girls. I hope you like 'em! :-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free pic of me taking a big cock up my pussy.

New Video!  Last Halloween I spent a few nights volunteering at a local haunted house attraction here in Phoenix. The owner was super cool and let me shoot some sexy stuff in his haunt after-hours. This is the first of a couple videos I filmed at Jack and Jill's Haunted Hill. It was shot in a very dark, black-light lit environment, so the video is a little grainy... But I did post it in HD. And it's pretty damn hot anyway!  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free video clip of me doing what I do best.


New Pics!  Most of y'all know that over the past few years I've become quite active outdoors. I love hiking and climbing, exploring new places. I've also had a blast running obstacle/adventure races. I'm not sure if they do those races around the world, but here in the US the obstacle race craze had really taken off. During the nice months of the year, every weekend there's a crazy 5k run or hike. All of these races involve mud pits and cargo nets, teeny-tiny crawl spaces and pits of fire, freezing water and walls to scale... You know, fun stuff like that. Myself and a small team of friends recently ran the Gladiator Rock n' Run, and we managed to get some hilarious pics along the way. I'm definitely not at my most beautiful, but I'm proud of these pics and I really wanted to share 'em with you.  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a pic of Shaggy and I after running the race. Exhausted, but happy! :-) 1 awesome and fun new bonus gallery, 20 never-before-seen photos!

New Info!  Today I posted a lengthy diary entry about what's been going on in my life lately. There's been a lot. Hell, my life is always full of lots of drama and medical issues and things that really aren't that fun... But I can honestly say it certainly hasn't been boring. :-) Due to some very complicated circumstances, I needed to take a leave of absence for a few months, I go over the reasons why in my Personal Diary inside my Members Area. Within a few days I will also post some explanations at my Free Yahoo Group so if you don't wanna join me inside my Members Area, just wait a few days and you'll get all the info you need to know at my Yahoo Group and also at my Facebook fan page. I will say I've been working on some hot n' sexy new material (mostly video, some still photos) and I will be posting all of that stuff here over the next couple weeks. Thanks again for being a fan... You rock!

New Photos!  Better late than never... Finally, here is the third and last gallery of photos I shot outdoors at my favorite local hiking/climbing spot, Tom's Thumb. The Thumb is awesome. Beautiful desert scenery, gnarly rock walls, and lots of seclusion. If you like gettin' dirty in the outdoors, the Thumb is the place to do it! The first couple galleries were of me flashing you and just generally being a tease... This gallery things finally get a bit more naughty. ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free pic of me enjoying one of my favorite outdoor activities. 25 new photos!

New Video!  My Members know I really, REALLY love hiking and rock climbing, so I wanted to take you guys n' girls out with me on one of my favorite local hikes. This video was a lot of fun to make... I got to hike and show you some of the desert terrain around my house, I got to show off my awesome bouldering skills (lol!) and I got to get naked outdoors, which is one of my favorite things to do. Not all of this video is naughty, but I promise you'll really like my surprise reward for taking the hike with me. ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a sample video of me enjoying nature. 1 really fun new video, over 20 minutes in length!

New Info!  Family drama... You gotta love it! It kinda sucks it popped up on me right after getting things going again, but I'm back. I had to travel to Michigan to take care of a family emergency, then had some follow-up stuff to handle here in Phoenix. Like many people I know, my family is incredibly important to me. If they need me for anything, I'm there! Even if it interferes with my own life. So I've been handling that stuff these past couple weeks, BUT... I'll be back to posting regular updates with a brand new video for you! :-) 

New Video!  I just shot this new scene, just for you guys (and girls)! This is a brand new scene, filmed about a week ago. I was getting myself ready for bed, doing the usual beautification thing, when Shaggy surprised me by whipping out my new video camera! It was definitely time to try it out. ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a sample video of me "getting ready for bed". 1 naughty new blowjob video, almost 20 minutes in length!

New Photos!  It's been awhile since I posted my first gallery of pics shot near the Tom's Thumb area. I've been away for almost a year now, and I have several reasons for that, which I've posted about in my Members Area. Anyway, I'm back now and hopefully I'll be better than ever! I got a new video camera I'm excited to show you... I've already shot the first movie and it will be posted very soon! For now though, here's some more of me getting sexy at the McDowell Mountain Preserve. This is the second of three galleries total, and I can tell you the real naughtiness starts at the end of this gallery and will be featured prominently in my next (and last) gallery. :-) Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free photo of me frolicking around and getting naked out in the desert. 25 new photos!

New Photos!  A few days ago I went hiking and bouldering at one of my favorite places near Phoenix, Tom's Thumb. The Thumb is an awesome trailhead and rock wall located in the McDowell Mountain Preserve, just northeast of the valley. I love spending my free time out there... Lots of hiking, bouldering and climbing opportunities, and you hardly ever see anyone else out there. Which makes it a fantastic place for me to go when I wanna become one with nature and get naked n' naughty outside! :-) I did just that the other day, and Shaggy shot a bunch of pics for you. This is just the first of three galleries I'm gonna post from Tom's Thumb; Me hiking the trail and getting "comfortable" with my surroundings. Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free pic of me enjoying the sunshine at the McDowell Mountain Preserve. 25 new photos!

Bonus Photos!  These photos were among some of the very first shot exclusively for My old photographer/webmaster (Steve... Remember him?!?) shot these way back in early 2002. I look younger and my hair is shorter, but I haven't really changed much. ;-) We shot these pics at the college campus near my old house in California. The campus is so beautiful and there aren't many students lingering around over the weekends, so Steve and I paid a visit to the campus and did our best to shoot some sexy pics. We musta done a good job, 'cause I have lots to post for you! :-) Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free pic of me flashing my titties at Claremont College. 70 bonus photos!

New Photos!  About a week ago Shaggy and I went hiking near the summit of Mt. Lemmon, down in Tucson. I've been way stressed and depressed lately and he thought I could use a fun day of relaxing and enjoying the awesome weather we've been experiencing here in AZ lately. We drove along the mountain roads, checked out all the scenic lookout spots and hiked around the trails. We didn't do any major hiking or climbing, mostly just some light walking along the river and a lot of talking. We brought along my camera and managed to shoot some really cute pics while we were there.  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free pic of me having fun at beautiful Mt. Lemmon. 20 new photos!

Members Contest News!  I finally announced my winners in my latest Members Only contest. I'm sorry I'm so late choosing my lucky winning Members, with all the sadness and shock from the past few weeks I just didn't get a chance to do it. To make up for my lateness, I chose 10 Members to win my fabulous "prize package". ;-) Each of my winners will receive a 50 photo custom set, a private video message from me, a pair of my worn panties and an extra 90 days on their membership. Congratulations to all my winners... I'll give those who didn't win a chance to win something sexy real soon!

New Video Diary!  By now most of you have probably heard my sad news... My Mom passed away a few weeks ago. I apologize for my absence until now, I've been having a very hard time dealing with the pain of this loss. Shaggy has been by my side every minute and he encouraged me to post a video diary, even just a short one, explaining how I'm feeling. I was able to do that for my Members today. Because this is all so new and still quite painful it might take me a few weeks to get back to normal, but I'm doing my best. Thanks to all who have shared your thoughts and your love... You help me more than you know! Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a little video of me talking about my Mom and how life is going since she passed.

Members Contest News!  It's been awhile since I've held a Members Only contest so I think now is an excellent time to do so! :-) I'm gonna give away a super awesome prize package this time, too... A 50 photo custom set, a private video message from me (filmed sometime during your custom photo shoot) and a pair of my worn and cummed-in panties. To make it a super great prize package, I'll even include an additional 90 days membership to! That's a fantastic prize if I do say so myself. And because I love ya'll so much, I'm gonna choose 8 winners this time! Each of my winners will receive their own prize package, you don't gotta share with anyone. ;-) This prize package is definitely worth winning... And it's so very easy to win. You just gotta be a Member! I'll pick my lucky winners in a few weeks, so please make sure you send me your entry before then. Join me and enter my contest today!

New Photos!  Here are some more photos shot by my friend, Steve. The last time I went to see him he asked me to bring one of my naughty toys. I chose my big purple one... One of my favorites! :-) When I showed up at Steve's place he asked me to put on a show for him! I agreed on one condition; that he shoot a few photos for my Members to enjoy. He agreed to that, so things worked out quite nicely for both of us. That fuck toy is the longest one I own and one of my faves 'cause it has a super powerful vibrator in it and it's long enough I have lots to grab on to while I fuck myself silly! ;-) Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free pic of me fucking my pussy from behind. 25 new photos!

Bonus Photos!  A few years ago I shot with an awesome couple, Ray and Sara, for their website They shoot fetish stuff; lots of bondage, S & M, stuff like that. Very different from the material I usually shoot for my website, and I'm always up to try something new so I agreed to do a few shoots with them. I had a great time shooting for ShadowPlayers and they were kind enough to give me permission to share some of the photos with you. Today's bonus gallery features myself, a girl named Claire and Ray... Sara shot the pics. Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free pic of Claire, Ray and I!  1 huge bonus gallery, 112 photos total!

New Video!  Shaggy and I shot this video a few days ago and it's super hot, if I do say so myself! ;-) I kinda surprised him just outta the shower by gettin' myself all beautiful and waiting for him on his bed with my video camera rolling! We make out a little, followed by lots of good, hard cock sucking! :-) I went as deep as I could, which is kind hard 'cause Shaggy is incredibly large, and I did my very best! If you like sloppy wet BJ's, you'll love this video... I get myself really messy by gaggin' on that cock. My efforts paid off, in the end Shaggy covers me with lots of cum. Please keep in mind, the sample video shown here is much smaller than the video you'll find in my Members Area. Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free 2 minute video of me choking on Shaggy's cock!  1 sexxxy new video, 15 minutes in length!

New Photos!  Today's update was shot by Shaggy a few days ago. We were driving around Southern Arizona, heading west out of Tucson on Highway 74. Personally, I don't like the desert very much but the drive is about as scenic as you can get while still looking at dirt and cactus. ;-) We stopped at a rest area beside the road to take a break from driving and so I could use the ladies room. While we were stretching our legs Shaggy pulled out his camera and suggest we shoot some pics for you guys. :-) It's summertime here in AZ and the weather has been scorching hot, so I wear wearing a cute little outfit anyway... We were ready to shoot! We were just getting into shooting in a shaded area when a Highway Patrolman pulled up! Needless to say I quickly pulled up my top and we hurried outta there immediately! We did shoot a few awesome pics, tho, and I posted 'em today.  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for photo of me posing by the picnic area next to Highway 74. 25 new photos!

New Photos!  Time for some more pics shot by my buddy, Steve!  He isn't a photographer, just a friend I like to get naughty with.  And when we do get together to have fun, Steve usually shoots a few pics of us together.  I'm not sure why, but I like to think it's because he looks at 'em later and gets horny thinking about me. ;-)  Fortunately, Steve is a generous dude and he always lets me share those pics with you!  I hope you look at 'em and get horny too. :-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free pic of me suckin' cock!  22 new photos!

Members Contest News!  Due to some health problems (I had a kidney infection! Yuck!) I was delayed choosing and announcing my winners in my latest Members Only contest.  Today I chose two winners, CosmosCas and 47901phil.  Congrats to them both! :-)  Each of my winners will receive a private 30-minute custom DVD and a pair of my worn panties.  To those who didn't win, better luck next time!

Members Contest News!  I just wanted to let you know my latest Members Only contest concludes this weekend!  Each of my two winners will receive his/her very own personal, private custom video... A sexy prize worthy of all my awesome members! ;-)  It's very easy to enter and win my contest, you just gotta be a Member! So now is a great time to join me! :-)

Mel News!  This isn't really a Members update, just something I wanted to share with you Guys (and Girls).  Saturday night Shaggy and I went late-night Cosmic bowling with a bunch of our friends, to celebrate a birthday.  I'd never gone before and it was a total blast!  Bright lights, loud music, silly contests, everyone was kinda drunk... We had such a fun time!  But I learned that I really, really suck at bowling! ;-)  Shaggy was pretty good at it so he competed in a few of the contests.  And he won a free pass to go again sometime!  Fun!  This pic was shot that night (Saturday, the 17th) and I wanted to share it with ya'll... Enjoy!

New Video!  When I first started working in the adult industry I mostly worked solo, meaning I masturbated a lot.  Today's update is me doing just that; fucking myself silly! :-)  I do have some unusual co-stars in this video... A bunch of strange and kinky sex machines!  It was an incredibly intense experience and the machines made me cum really good, but I think I prefer real cock better. ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for an awesome almost-3 minutes-long free video of me fucking the machines.  1 new XXX video, about 30 minutes in length.

Bonus Photos!  Today I posted a bonus gallery for my Members, shot a few weeks ago at this weird little place between Phoenix and Tucson... It's an ostrich ranch!  They have ostriches living there (of course!) and some other fun animals too, including deer and these beautiful little birds called lorikeets.  I had lots of fun visiting all the animals that live there, and I learned that ostriches are really mean and I'm gonna keep well away from them from now on! ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for free pic of me feeding the birds.

Members Contest News!  It's time for another Members Only contest! :-)  The contest starts today and will run thru April 25th, and is open to everyone who is a member of  I'll chose 2 winners this time and each of my winners will win a private, personal, just-for-you 30 minute custom video!  As a winner you'll get to design your perfect XXX scene; I'll wear what you want, behave how you like, play with what turns you on.  Oh, and I'll even include a pair of my worn and cummed-in panties for each winner.  It's an awesome prize worth winning, so Join Today and email me with your contest entry!

New Video!  Tonight's update is a super hot video scene I shot with a sexy porno-dude named TJ Cummings.  Originally shot for a movie called 'The Babysitter', I was just given permission to post this naughty scene for my Members.  After a messy blowjob, TJ pounds me from behind for awhile, then I ride him reverse cowgirl style 'til he cums.  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a 90 second clip of me gettin' fucked good n' hard against the staircase.  1 new XXX video, about 20 minutes in length.

New Photos!  First, thanks so much to all of you who emailed me about my broken hand.  I am doing pretty good; it's been 2 weeks since the snowboarding accident and I'm feeling fine!  I think I'm healing as I should.  Just another 2 weeks with this velcro cast/brace thing and I'll be all better! :-)  On to today's update, I posted a little bonus gallery of some photos shot just last week.  My buddy (we'll call him Steve again) and I got together again, and while we don't hook up to shoot photos or video, he did shoot a few quick pics of me when I first met up with him.  When I hang around with Steve, I don't need to get myself super sexy, we're good friends and I spend time with him as my normal, everyday, plain-me self.

New Photos!  This is the 8th and last gallery from my shoot with my buddy, Photographer J.  We finished all the very naughty stuff and shot some final "awesome shoot, good job!" pics to fill the storage card in his digital cam.  You know, just some fun messin' around shots... But they're still sexy. ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for another close-up pic of me spreadin' my pussy from behind.  25 new photos!

Mel Update!  Ugh!  I broke the lunate bone in my left hand a couple days ago!  I went snowboarding with my Sister and I totally fucked up and hurt myself! :-(  Fortunately, I don't have to wear a plaster cast... Just a big, bulky, awkward velcro cast.  And I only have to wear it for 4 weeks, so that's not too bad.  I will continue to update while my hand heals, but my Personal Diary entries will likely be much shorter than I usually post.  Just wanted to let you know!

New Photos!  I posted my last batch of video caps contact sheets a little over a month ago and again I received lots of email from my Members asking for more.  Ask and you shall receive... Today I posted some more of 'em! :-)  More masturbation, girl/girl, boy/girl, fetish, etc. from some of my best XXX video scenes.  Starring myself, Kylie Wylde, Heather Brooke, Samantha (Nikita DaVita), Ed Powers, David Luger, Johnny Strong, Scott Lyons and more.  Lots of naughty stuff, something sexy for everyone! ;-)  13 new contact sheets, 400+ photos total!

Bonus Photos!  Every now and then I end up shooting some photos that aren't for my website or other "work"... Stuff that is shot just for fun.  Last week I was hanging out with a good friend of mine (we'll call him Steve) and he asked if he could shoot a few pics of me.  Nothing special, just me as I was, having a fun time.  I very much enjoy being watched and I'll never say no to the camera so I let him shoot me. :-)  He shot a few of me acting slutty and then we started being naughty and he shot a few more.  After a minute or two he kinda forgot about the camera so this isn't a complete photo set, just a sexy n' fun bonus gallery of me havin' fun last week.  Enjoy!  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a close-up pic of me gettin' fucked!  

Members Contest News!  This morning I chose my winners for my latest Members Only contest.  I have five of my awesome Members winning prizes this month, and each winner will receive a private webcam show with me and a pair of my worn and cummed-in panties.  For the record, my winners are... miCkSwaGGer, lovelymel, PeterPaul90030, SKEEZIE420 and donuts4me. (Some of you have really weird usernames, by the way.)  Congrats to all my winners and better luck next time to those who didn't win.  Stay tuned, I'll be announcing a new Members Only contest very soon! :-)

New Photos!  Tonight I posted another gallery of photos by Photographer J!  This is the second to last gallery, so we're cummin' down to the big finish.  Almost every single pic in this gallery features me with my legs spread and my pussy horny n' wet! (I know ya'll like that, so you should enjoy this gallery a lot!)  There's nothing kinky-creative about this gallery, just lots of me enjoying myself with my pussy totally exposed. ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free photo of me playin' with my nipples.  30 new photos!

Members Contest News!  I just noticed that it's been quite awhile since I've held a Members Only contest and we are definitely way overdue for one!  It's Christmastime and I'm in a giving mood, so I think I'm gonna choose 5 winners this time.  If you're one of my lucky winners you will receive a 15 minute personal, one-on-one webcam chat/show with me and the pair of panties I wear (and cum in!) for you on cam.  Each of my winners will get their own private performance; I'm all yours and you don't gotta share me with anyone! ;-)  This contest will run until midnight January 24th, 2010 so please make sure you have your entry submitted to me by then.  My Members Only contests are very easy to win... Just send me an email with your active username and you're in!  Wanna win my sexy prize?  Join me today!

New Photos!  I'm so glad you guys (and girls) have been liking my video caps contact sheets I've been posting lately! :-)  After posting my second series of contact sheets again I received some email encouraging me to post more.  I like to keep my Members happy, so I posted more for you this morning.  Solo, girl/girl, boy/girl and everything in between, including some special fetish pics... Female to male strap-on fucking! Starring myself, Blair LeFemme, Trish Uptown, Lainey X, Rebecca Lord, Kensington, a bunch of guys and a few other girls, too.  15 new contact sheets, 330 photos total!

New Photos!  It's time to post some more pics from my shoot with my buddy, Photographer J.  Tonight I posted Gallery 6, and this gallery features the most hardcore, naughtiest, sluttiest pics from the series (so far)!  If you like to look at my pussy, you'll love this gallery! :-)  J shot tons of close-ups and up-skirt style shots, so there is definitely nothing discreet about these pics! ;-)  The gallery starts with a naughty rope trick J showed me... He somehow tied a rope in a knot right between my pussy lips.  After shooting some pics of me tied up like that, he showed me a very creative way to fuck myself... That was super fun!  And it made for some really awesome pics, too.  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free close-up pic of me stuffin' my pussy and ass.  30 new photos!

New Video!  The other night (Tuesday, December 1st) I was just hangin' out at home, relaxing and watching some TV when Shaggy broke out my video camera and started filming me!  I wasn't exactly "camera ready" (no makeup, wardrobe, etc.) and I was totally unprepared to put on a naughty show, but we shot a nice n' messy BJ scene anyway. :-)  This video features lots of me giving Shaggy my best blowjob and covering my face with cum in the end.  He even tried to titty-fuck me but I'm so tiny he couldn't really fuck my titties, but he did rub his cock all over my nipples and that felt super good. ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free video of me suckin' Shaggy's cock.  1 orgasmic new video, 17 minutes in length!

New Photos!  Since posting my first batch of video capture contact sheets a couple weeks ago, I've received many requests from my Members asking for more so that's what I posted for you tonight. :-)  Lots of naughty pics of me masturbating, kissing girls, licking pussy, sucking cock, fucking, gettin' cummed on, tied up and more!  Also included in tonight's update are photos from my one and only DP scene... Hot!  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for one of my sexy contact sheets from a movie called Babysitter Training, starring myself, Nicole Moore and Rod Fontana.  14 new contact sheets, 340 photos total!

Mel Update! *yawn* It's very early morning and I'm just about to get into bed, but I wanted to post a new entry in my Personal Diary for my Members before I did. :-)  I've had bunches of email this weekend inquiring about my Doctor's appointment last Thursday and about a situation with a close friend I first mentioned a few days ago, so I wanted to update you with all my latest news.  Get all the latest info on that stuff, and everything else going on in my everyday life, in my Members Area.

New Video!  I've had the pleasure of "working" with cutie Lainey X a few times and I gotta say... It's very pleasurable! ;-)  She's hot, she's dirty and she's damn good at making me cum!  This video was shot during a still-photos shoot and you can hear us joking around, making suggestions, etc.  I think this video is a good example of what it's like being on set at a XXX shoot... Naughty and fun! :-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a sample video of Lainey spreadin' and fuckin' my pussy good.  1 very sexy girl/girl video, almost 8 minutes in length!

New Photos!  Tonight's update is something new here at Some super naughty, very dirty contact sheets!  This is a big post, almost 600 photos in all!  These are captures from 19 of my XXX scenes, shot throughout my years in the adult industry.  Girl/Girl, Blowjobs, Fucking, Fisting, Cumshots, Anal... Tons of sexy stuff for everyone! ;-)  Also starring Lainey X, Kristina Black, Lily Lixxx, Kensington, Heather Brook, Dave Cummings, Buck Adams, Rod Fontana, Jack Napier, Shaggy and more!  19 new contact sheets, almost 600 photos!

New Photos! As I promised in my last gallery posting, J and I didn't shoot much of me with those clothespins on my nipples and clit... We quickly moved on to other fun n' naughty stuff. :-)  During my previous shot with J, he really wanted to shoot some pics of me in bondage so I wasn't surprised when he asked if we could do it again. (I told you I thought he was kinda kinky!)  I'm always up for trying new and different things and I trust J, so I agreed.  He tied me up in various ways and we shot a bunch of sexy pics.  This bondage is really tame... Nobody came and spanked me or anything mean like that. ;-)  Again, I know not everyone wants to see me all tied up and helpless, so there's some other fun stuff in this gallery too.  I made sure to spread and rub pussy real good for you before my wrists were bound tight. ;-)  Some good close-up masturbation pics too!  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a pic of me with my wrists tied.  35 new photos!

New Photos!  It's time to post some more photos from my latest shoot with Photographer J!  I don't know much about J sexually, but I think he's a bit on the kinky side... 'Cause he asked me to put clothespins on my nipples and my clit!  It sounded like a fun idea, so I did it and we got some good pics in the process. :-)  Don't worry, it didn't really hurt me that much (just a little... you know, it hurts yet feels good at the same time) but it did make my pussy super sensitive, which was great while I was playing with my vibrating wand.  I know not everybody likes their porn kinky and with clothespins, so I made sure we shot lots of other hot stuff too... Orgasms, close-up pussy and ass pics, all the stuff you usually like to see. ;-)   Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a naughty pics of me "enjoying" my toy and those clothespins.  30 new photos!

New Video!  I've had a few requests from my Members asking me to post a few more of my favorite XXX scenes and I knew I just had to include this one.  I shot this scene for Hustler's Barely Legal video series.  I was booked with Shaggy and this cute little hottie, Kitty Marie, and we had an AMAZING shoot together.  It was so much fun... I kinda forgot we were shooting a movie! ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for an awesome 4 minute girl/girl/boy video of Kitty, Shaggy and I.  1 super-hot new video, 25 minutes in length!

New Video!  I've been in the porn industry a long time and I've shot lots of kinky, "strange" stuff... But I think this video is one of the kinkiest I've ever done!  It was shot about 5 years ago, by a director that likes shooting material a bit different than the norm.  I had a blast shooting with him because it was so unusual and challenging.  In this video I'm dressed up as a slutty nurse and my "Doctor" does some real dirty things to me.  If you like your porn a bit on the twisted side, you'll love this video! ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a sexy video of me dressed as a naughty nurse! ;-)  1 kinky new video!


PLEASE NOTE: Because this video is rather kinky the free clip posted here is pretty softcore, meaning most of the naughty action is kinda hidden.  The video in my Members Area is hardcore... You can see everything!

New Photos!  Today's update?  Gallery 3 from my second shoot with my photographer friend, J.  I'm totally naked n' naughty in these pics... And lounging around in a super-soft blankie I found in J's apartment.  Personally, these are my favorite pics from the entire photoseries.  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a pic of me spreadin' my legs for you! ;-)  30 new photos!

New Photos!  Tonight I posted gallery 2 from my photoshoot with my friend, J.  I always start my shoots wearing clothes, 'cause it's so much fun to take 'em off for you guys (and girls). ;-)  This gallery has lots of pics of me strippin' outta my schoolgirl skirt, bra and panties.  And I made sure J shot lots of close-up photos too... I know ya'll really like those. :-)  J was a great photographer, he made sure to shoot everything I asked of him and he shot all his photo ideas too, so we got tons of hot n' naughty photos!  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a close-up pic of my ass and pussy.  30 new photos!

Members Contest News!  I announced my latest Members Only contest winner today, and I'm super excited about my winner... She's a girl! :-)  That's so sexy to me, I know I have a few girl fans out there but it's a big turn on to know they really are out there and watching me be slutty.  BabeeGirl84 is the winner of my huge prize package; a 30 minute private webcam show, a custom digital photo package, my cummed-in panties and any item she wants from my XXX Cyber-Store.  I'll be announcing my next contest soon, so stay tuned!

New Photos!  A few months ago I posted a series of photos shot by my photographer friend, J.  Ya'll sent so many positive comments about J's pics, I thought it was time to post some more from him. :-)  J was great to shoot with... He usually shoots nature photos, portraits, etc. and it was tons of fun being his model for his first naughty shoots.  He was so shy and quiet, but we shot some awesome stuff together!  This is just the beginning of the photo series, lots more "Pics by J" galleries cumming soon!  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a sexy pic from Gallery 1.  30 new photos!

Members Contest News!  I love doing my Members Only contests, so let's do another one now! ;-)  Because I've been sick and haven't been online as much as I'd like to be I've decided to make this contest a great one, with a super awesome prize to win!  This is definitely the best prize I've offered up yet, so this contest is worth winning.  I'll choose one winner and he/she will win lots of sexy stuff; a 30 minute private webcam show/chat with me, a custom digital photo package, a pair of my worn and cummed-in panties and any item of your choice from my XXX Cyber-Store.  Wow, that's a lot of naughty stuff! :-)  And it's so easy to win... You just gotta be a Member!

New Photos!  Today I posted the 6th and final gallery in my "Sexy Red n' White" photo series.  Whenever I'm getting down towards the end of a photoshoot, I get super horny.  I know we've got enough pics, enough angels, etc. and I start to get impatient!  I'm so ready to get down and dirty with myself! ;-)  This last gallery features lots of pics of me fucking myself hard!  I stuck my little red toy to my coffee table and planted my pussy right down on it.  I kinda forgot we were shooting still photos, so every now and then Shaggy would tell me to slow down or stay still for a second so he could shoot a pic or two. ;-)  My toy was stuck fast to the table so I pounded my cunt up and down on it until I came real good all over it!  You can totally see my girlie cum dripping outta my pussy in the last few pics in the gallery... Hot!  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a photo of me riding my little red toy.  30 new photos!

Members Contest News!  I'm about a week late, but today I announced the winners in my latest Members Only contest!  Because I was a bit late I chose 3 winners instead of 2... Congratulations goes out to pinenutty, FridayHarry and travis33. :-)  They each win a 30 minute private webcam performance with me and a pair of my worn and cummed-in panties.  To those who entered but didn't win this time, I'm sorry and better luck for my next contest.  Don't worry, you'll have another chance to win a sexy prize very soon!

New Video!  I just got home from a week long adventure at the hospital! :-(  It was a scary, awful experience and I'm so glad to be back home.  I filmed a few video clips while I was there and I just posted one of those for my Members in my Video Diary.  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a video of me in the ICU at Casa Grande Regional Medical Center.  1 new video, shot yesterday at the hospital.


(Click here for another video explaining why I was in the hospital, posted July 17th.)

Bonus Photos!  It's time for a new Members bonus gallery! :-)  Today's HUGE bonus gallery is a mix of pics, all from my early days in porn.  I just found 'em on a dusty old photo disc layin' in a box in the back of my closet.  These photos have never been posted here at and I'm not exactly sure why... I think it had something to do with my ex-webmaster, Steve.  But he's gone and I'm in control now, so I posted them all for you! ;-)  This bonus has something for everyone, no matter what your personal tastes may be... Schoolgirl with pigtails, some BJ pics with Shaggy and a bunch of me just being myself and having fun.  The earliest pics in the bonus gallery are from one of my very first shoots way back in 1998! (the sample photo is from that gallery... I look so young and cute!)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free pic of me and my ass from my early days in the XXX industry.

New Stuff!  It's back by popular demand... My XXX Cyber-Store! :-)  I've been working on this project for awhile now and I'm happy to say I'm up and running with some brand new stuff!  The fund-raising for my health expenses hasn't been going so well (click here to read about that), so I thought maybe re-opening my website store might be a better option.  DVDs, photos, panties and lots more are available for you.  All my sexy stuff is very reasonably priced with the hope that I will sell a bunch and earn my surgery money that way... Please check it out and if you like what you see, make a purchase and help a girl out! ;-)  Did I mention that Members get a discount on everything?

New Photos!  This is the second to last gallery in my "Sexy Red n' White" photo series.  This gallery features more of me fucking my pussy deep with my purple toy, then I move on to something new.  The next toy I play with isn't very big but it does have a suction cup on the bottom, which makes for some interesting and fun new ways to use it.  I stuck it to my coffee table and just did what came to me naturally. ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free pic of me, my pussy and my big purple fuck toy!  30 new photos!

Members Contest News!  Today I announced a brand new Members Only contest! :-)  I'm gonna pick 2 winners this time, and each will win a 30 minute private webcam chat/show with me.  Each winner will get a personal "performance", you don't gotta share me with anyone! ;-)  We can talk about whatever you want, I'll wear whatever you choose for me and I'll even put on a special just-for-you show, if you'd like me to.  In addition, I'll send you the panties I wear for your cam session (cummed in real good, of course!)  It's so easy to enter the contest and win... You just gotta be a website Member.  I think this is an sexy prize worth winning, so now is a great time to join for lotsa XXX photos, videos, my dirty diary, contests and more!

New Video!  After performing in the porn industry for so long I've come to learn what other girlies in XXX you guys (and girls) like a lot, and I think one of your favorites is Kristina Black.  I've had the pleasure of shooting with Kristina once... She was smokin' hot and so much fun! (And she was crazy good at licking my pussy, too!)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a sexy free video clip of Kristina and I gettin' dirty!  1 new girl/girl video clip, over 10 minutes in length!

New Video!  I invite my fans to email me with anything they wanna say or ask and I get a lot of questions about my sexual past.  Two of the most common questions I get on a regular basis are 1., have you ever been with a dark-skinned man and 2., how big was the biggest cock I've ever fucked.  I think this video answers both those questions! ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a very hot, free video clip of Jack pounding me hard!  1 XXX new video clip, almost 30 minutes in length!

New Photos!  Tonight's update?  The 7th and final gallery of my "Guest Photographer, J" photos!  Shooting with J was such a great experience; he had tons of fun ideas to shoot, he shot some amazing pics, and it was SOOO cute how shy and nervous he was to be around a naked n' horny girl! ;-)  This last gallery features more photos of me spreading my pussy and masturbating with my wand fuck toy (it's long, bendable and it vibrates really good... kinda like a magic wand!).  And, because I know you love 'em so much, we shot some awesome close-up pics too! :-)  I cum lots in this final gallery, so I think it's a great way to end this photo series.   Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free naughty photo of me cumming hard on my fuck toy.  30 new photos!

Mel Update!  Today I posted a lengthy and detailed Personal Diary entry about what's been going on in my life the past few weeks.  I spent a week with my family, getting back to what's really important to me.  And I spent a difficult 10 days up in Portland, OR saying goodbye to a friend who just passed on.  I have lots to say about my experiences and thoughts on both subjects, check out my Diary in the Members Area to read more!

New Photos!  Guys and Girls, I'm back! :-)  Sorry I've been away for a couple weeks, I've had a lot of drama going on lately (with my health and some other personal stuff too).  I'll post more about the past few weeks later but for now... It's time for more  "Sexy Red n' White" pics!  Gallery 4 features photos of me playing with my huge purple vibrator 'til I cum good all over it.  Naughty! ;-)   Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free photo of me totally enjoying my big purple toy.  30 new photos!

New Photos!  It's time for more photos shot by my photographer friend, J.  Today I posted gallery 6 and I gotta say there are some really hot pics in this gallery. :-)  The big reason I wanted to shoot with J was to get him some experience shooting a naked/naughty girl.  He never had before this shoot but always wanted to, which was kinda a turn on for me.  So I got naked and did my best to give him what he wanted!  He had lots of awesome ideas he wanted to shoot and I went along with everything he asked me to do.  I think J really likes bondage, because he wanted to tie me up in most of these photos.  Not tied up in an intense, hardcore, BD/SM way; more like in a playful, fun, sexy way.  He made sure to shoot lots of photos from behind, which was really good 'cause ya'll ask me all the time for more ass pics. ;-)  Click Here (or the thumbnail pic) for a free photo of me tied up with my pussy exposed.  30 new photos!

Members Contest News!  Today I announced the three winners from my latest Members Only contest... Congrats to be77ab000f, matty5FDP and 5w33tMeL.  They each win a special "Melissa-Ashley" package including a custom digital photo set, a cummed-in pair of my panties and a just-for-you 8x10 photo.  To those who didn't win this month, better luck next time! :-)  I'll be posting the contest details for my next contest in the next week or two, so check back soon to read all about it.  It's very easy to win my sexy prizes... You just gotta be a member!

New Stuff!  I get a lot of email from you and I always try to deliver what it is you, my friends/fans, want most.  Usually it's stuff I kinda expect, but one of the requests I've consistently received throughout the years is for outtakes and blooper photos.  I've never posted any, mostly 'cause I don't want ya'll to see me when I'm making a fucked up face or picking my ass... That's not hot!  But some of you seem to think it is, so today I posted a BRAND NEW SECTION in my Members Area.  Outtakes and bloopers... Funny or cute photos that wont make it into my photo galleries, but might be appealing for other reasons.  Today I posted some photos from the Music As a Weapon tour.  They had a photo booth at the concert so Shaggy and I shot some pics together.  But all the photos sucked!  We were hot and sunburned and a little drunk so our pics turned out not-so-sexy, but really funny instead.  They are a perfect way to start my new Outtakes and Bloopers Section. :-)

New Dirty Diary Entry!  Ugh, I spent the last couple days in the hospital! :-(  I went in Sunday morning and they kept me there for a few days to get some IV antibiotics and to make sure I was okay.  I just got home and I wanted to update you immediately.  I posted a Personal Diary entry about the last few days being sick and I posted an awesomely sexy new Dirty Diary entry. (#39)  I had quite a few hours to myself in the hospital, so I used the time to write about this crazy experience I had a couple weeks ago at the Music As A Weapon tour concert.  SOOO fun! ;-)  Read all about it in my Members Area.

New Photos!  Today I posted the third gallery of my "Sexy Red n' White" pics.  I really love shooting strip-tease style photos, but there comes a time during every shoot when I need to do something naughtier.  That time has come in gallery 3! :-)  I pull my panties aside and fuck myself good with a brand new toy.  If you're a fan of the ass up/face down position, you'll love these pics! ;-)  30 new photos!

Members Contest News!  I just announced my latest Members Only contest! :-)  Because was down for a few days earlier this week, I wanted to do something special to make up for the inconvenience.  So this contest will have not one, but THREE winners!  Yay!  The prize this time?  A "Melissa-Ashley" package including a custom digital photo set of at least 50 photos, a personal 8x10 photo and a pair of my panties. (Worn and cummed in, of course!)  As a winner you get to design your custom photo set, choose the style/color of my panties, etc.  Because I'll randomly select three winners this time, you have more chances than ever to win my sexy prize.  So now is a great time to join! ;-)